Building Information Modelling (BIM) Training Policy

 Align Property Partners is committed to the delivery of BIM Level 2 maturity as defined in PAS 1192-2:2013, this is achieved through ongoing investment and training of staff to ensure everyone working on BIM projects has the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively deliver BIM projects.

We use Autodesk Revit for 3D modelling of all projects and Navisworks for clash detection and integration with third party models. We are committed to providing appropriate software training for all staff who are regularly expected to use these programs.

At the beginning of each project we will discuss BIM with the client to determine their expectations and consider whether BIM could offer benefits for their project. Once the BIM requirements are agreed we shall form a team to deliver the project based on relevant skills, experience and resources.

Where staff do not have the necessary skills or experience to deliver BIM projects support will be provided before they begin work on BIM projects. This may be in the form of informal support from colleagues or shadowing or could comprise formal training through seminars or workshops.

All current design staff have been assessed to their current levels:

Level 1

2D CAD drafting only providing electronic and paper outputs that are stored within our quality and management system and shared with our clients through our asset management system CONCERTO.

Level 2

Multi D system work collaboratively on 3D CAD models. ALL designs are stored within our quality and management system and shared with our clients through our asset management system CONCERTO. All file formats are consistent which allows our clients to interact with their own systems and allow contractors visibility and interaction when required.

Level 3

As a company we are not accredited to level 3 but we work at Leve3 capability with integrated working between all our multi d disciplines structures, architects, building surveyors, mechanical and electrical and facilities management.  Each project has a shared project model which is held in our own common data environment within our asset management system CONCERTO

Depending on their role within the team we develop the training to suit their needs. We have a BIM Coordinator who manages this role and reviews all training needs in align with our ISO 9001 Quality and Project management system

Regular updates and training ensures all staff are familiar in the requirements of our ISO 9001 Quality Management policy, which sets out how information should be stored and issued for all projects including those using BIM. 


Assessing Existing Skills & Knowledge

All new staff are required to complete a Software Skills and Experience form in order to assess their current skills and determine where additional training is necessary. Existing staff are required to update this form following completion of training and periodically as their skills develop. Before training is undertaken the following are considered:

  • Training goals.
  • Tasks staff are to undertake to achieve these goals.
  • Training activities that will assist staff in learning to perform these tasks.
  • How training can be delivered most effectively.


Training Provision

Once the need for training and learning outcomes are identified the most effective training method can be selected. Training will be provided by a variety of methods including:

  • In-house training and support provided by colleagues with the necessary skills.
  • Training projects, workshops or tutorials.
  • Internal and external seminars and courses.
  • Qualifications and/or certifications.


Assessing Training Outcomes

Staff are to be consulted following training to provide feedback and determine whether the outcomes have been met. These comments will be used to inform future training provision. Further training will be provided where necessary.

The Align Property Partners Board is responsible for reviewing and approving the content and implementation of this policy. The Operating Director is responsible for taking measures to help our staff act in compliance with this policy.