• Our team have provided professional advice and design services on a wide variety of Highways and Transport Projects.
  • We have provided significant amount of project management and contract administration services on highway building projects ensuring successful delivery for clients. Our team have experience of a wide range contracts forms and provided the role of technical advisor for clients during construction works.
  • We have specialist knowledge and experience working on highway operational projects such as Highways Areas Offices, Salt Barns and Park and Ride Facilities.
  • Our team have provided consultation services for clients, coordinating with local authority highway department, utility companies and third parties provider requirements.
  • We have experience of coordinating all design and site work interfaces between highway and building areas including new junctions connecting to highways from building sites.
  • Sustainability and best value is at the core of our design approaches, working with clients to provide innovative solutions to reduce running costs of buildings and sustainable solutions and re-modelling of existing sites with 3d analysis.
  • Our team provide specialist advice and design services to clients on car parking accommodation to meet national and regional highways standards for different building site types including a fully coordinated drainage and highway auto tracking design for different vehicles.
  • We take personal and collective responsibility for our actions and deliver on our commitments, deliver value for money, great aftercare and have a great record of adding value through innovated thinking and constantly rate highly (over 95%) with our Key Performance Indicators.