Fire Safety Consultancy

Our in house Fire Safety Specialist consults with and provides guidance to our designers to ensure compliance with all relevant fire safety requirements including Building Regulations Approved Document B, Building Bulletin 100.

This input starts at the very earliest stages of design and carries right through to the production of a fire strategy plan or document to form the basis of the client’s effective Fire Safety Risk Assessment, a requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

This early and continuous involvement allows a design to pass smoothly through its statutory consultations with Building Control and Fire Authorities saving time and minimising costs.

Our Fire Safety Specialist has 40 years’ experience in fire safety, with a background of 30 Years’ service with the Local Authority Fire and Rescue Service including a number of years as a Specialist Fire Safety Officer dealing with building control consultations, fire safety risk assessment auditing and enforcement. He is a Graduate Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers.

This experience encompasses numerous purpose groups including:

  • Schools and higher education.
  • Offices and shops.
  • Factories
  • Residential and care homes.
  • Hotels and boarding houses.
  • Places of entertainment
  • Healthcare premises.


Our safety specialist has a wide range of experience in examining plans, and finding practicable, acceptable alternatives to the prescriptive fire regulations and codes to achieve a customer’s vision and business needs.

A recent simple example of this is that of a major refurbishment and extension project at a local primary school where, under Building Bulletin 100 design for fire safety in schools, the scale of the extension required additional fire compartmentation including fire doors to 60 minutes fire resisting standard – expensive and unwieldy for primary school pupils to negotiate.

Due to the constraints of the site and the orientation of the existing building, this same project created external fire and spread space separation issues. Building Bulletin 100 prescribes prohibitively expensive insulated fire resisting glazing as apparently the best-fit solution.

In both cases our fire safety specialist was able, in direct consultation with the building control officer, by suggesting minor modifications to the design and introducing suitable compensatory fire safety features, to achieve solutions which were:

  • Highly cost effective
  • Created a much more user friendly environment
  • Entirely compliant with legislative fire safety requirements
  • With the total agreement of Building Control
  • Aligned with the Client’s needs and expectations